A former member of the male idol group(⇒boy band) KAT-TUN, Junnosuke Taguchi, has been arrested on the spot for possessing marijuana.

通報= tip / tipoff を受けた Narcotics Control Department =麻薬取締部が家宅捜査= a house search / a domiciliary search / bust (口語)したところ、dried cannabis(乾燥大麻)が見つかりました。

※大麻は marijuana 、cannabis の他、pot や wacky weed(風変わりな雑草)等

bust は口語で、破裂、爆発、失敗、急激な不景気、(警察の)急襲、手入れ⇒ raid

一緒に逮捕された元女優の小嶺麗奈容疑者は、内縁の妻= common-law wife とも書かれていました。

吸引道具も押収され、二人は frequent users / habitual users(常習利用者)だと思われます。

The Narcotics Control Department confiscated some smoking paraphernalia. ⇒smoking utensils

paraphernalia =(あることに必要な)道具類(一式)、装置 【例】camping paraphernalia キャンプ道具


Upon their arrests, Taguchi and Komine admitted to the allegations. They were prosecuted on Wednesday.


Junnosuke Taguchi was released on bail.

bail =保釈金


Taguchi, dressed in a black suit and tie, fell to his knees outside the police station and apologized.He prostrated himself on the pavement in the dogeza position.

prostrate =ひれ伏させる


In the past, taimasō (hemp) was openly cultivated in Japan. Its fibers were utilized in the making of clothing, for fishing implements, and even for producing the shimenawa (sacred ropes).


With the implementation of a law prohibiting its use in 1946, possession of cannabis sativa, as well as its sale, cultivation and so on became illegal.


Users may be susceptible to memory loss and hallucinations. (記憶障害や幻覚)

大麻吸引特有の amotivational syndrome(無気力症候群)にはabsent minded / emotionally detached(上の空になる)とったの症状もあります。


Research has been applied to such diseases as multiple sclerosis, spinal injuries, cancer, AIDS, arthritis and epilepsy.

multiple sclerosis 多発性硬化(症)

arthritis 関節炎 

epilepsy てんかん


Japan is the only country among G10 members with an outright ban on use of marijuana for medical purposes.


In Canada there are many who say they have never smoked tobacco but have smoked marijuana, and it’s said to be easier for minors to obtain than alcohol or cigarettes.